Photos of activities during vacation in Pulau Aur. Enjoy these stunning emerald view.

view of sunset (picture of old Jetty in 2018 before they fix it)
Peace pose from guest : Mr Syazwan at peak of Letak Semalu, Pulau Dayang
Group trip from students of Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah, Sabak Bernam Selangor
High tide at Jetty Kg. Teluk Sebukang, Pulau Aur
Trip from Australian Air Force Army in October 2018
Playing volleyball at Pulau Dayang
Visit of Australian Airforce team to SK Pulau Aur.
One of plane debris during tragic crash of Australian Army Plane ( Crash Date : 18 April 2019)

to our guest and desired future visitor…

hope you never stop seeing world, even when your eyes closed