Aur Island Marine Park is located approximately 67 kilometers or 39.7 nautical miles from the town of Mersing, Johor, is the most remote islands off Mersing. The island is one of the islands in the South China Sea, a part of Sultan Iskandar Johor Marine Park.

This island is the main of the island of 3 small surrounding islands namely Dayang Island, Lang Island and Pinang Island.

Pulau Aur location in the district of Mersing in Johor sea.

Aur Island has the area of 2,072 hectares (eight square miles), rocky  forested with the hills reaching heights of up to 500 meters. There are several villages on the island, such as Berhala (“idol”) Bay, Batu Kembar (twin stone), Bahai, Sebukang Bay, Meriam (“cannon”) Bay, Payang Bay, Tanjung Pandan, Bayu Musuh , Ba’ai Bay, Teluran, Palas, Tok Jong and Kabu Village.

Distance from Aur Island to the islands in the vicinity are: –

  • Tinggi Island – 25 nautical miles;
  • Pemanggil Island –18 nautical miles;
  • Sibu Island – 35 nautical miles;
  • Besar Island – 35 nautical miles; and
  • Tioman Island – 36 nautical miles.
List of Islands in Mersing District

This island is one of the islands around  Mersing which was gazetted as Marine Park in 1994 under the Penubuhan Taman Laut Malaysia (“Establishment of Marine Park Malaysia”) and the Akta Perikanan (“Fisheries Act”) 1985 (Amendment 1993). Recognition as a marine park area is due to the uniqueness and diversity of marine resources and the presence of coral reefs around the island.

Sitting at a fair distance from the Malaysia mainland, Aur Island offers the clearest water and is among the most interesting dive sites in the country. This island treasures unique and diverse marine including colorful fish and coral reefs. Among the fish species found here are “Barracuda, Manta Rays, Whale sharks and Bump Head”.

Sea Turtle and Scuba Diver at Aur Island


Bumphead Fish found in Aur Island

Most tourists do not know the rustic of this island even though it is already known among divers and deep sea anglers in Malaysia and in Singapore. Aur Island and the surrounding islands have 18 popular dive sites. Some of the well-known dive sites are Rayner Rocks, Lang Island, Pinnacle and Meriam Bay.

Dive site in Pulau Aur, Mersing Johor

There are no ground vehicles on this island, no broadband lines, no high rise building except for a school and a Maxis tower. Crystal clear water, fresh air and the true beauty of Aur Island Marine Park waiting for tourists and nature lovers here.

Sebukang Bay Resort

Sebukang Bay Resort offer you accommodation and package inclusive of transportation (high-speed boat service), meal and recreational activity (snorkeling, island trekking and hiking trip) during your diving trip or vacation to Pulau Aur. We provide comfortable rooms with scenic view facing the sea, private and warm hospitality service. With the concept of ‘back to nature and kampong-style’ , guest will have the feeling of vacationing at their own homeland.

Sebukang Bay Resort, Pulau Aur
Unique black sand at Sebukang Bay, Pulau Aur (it may appear in certain time every year)

So as ethical and ‘cool‘ diver, ensure we protect and conserving nature and underwater habitat for long term sustainable.



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